About Us

Megara Services Inc is engaged in the distribution of fresh and frozen products. We possess a high knowledge of the major fisheries targeting tuna.

Megara Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of WAS C.A., the parent company in Venezuela. Megara Services has two primary goals, Our first aim is to introduce our fishery products to the United States market, expanding widely in North America. Our second goal is supplies for repairing our fishing fleet that is stationed in Venezuela, as well as to export vessel and fishing supplies to other Fishing Companies in Caribbean.

Megara Services, Inc. offers Tuna that we fish from the waters of Venezuela. among others sea products like Fresh fish, seafood, frozen fish, cured fish, etc.

Megara Services, Inc. We sell our products to distributors and supermarkets with excellent quality reliable freshness. our main market is supply all over the est coast of the united states, now we are selling to Florida to New York.

Megara Services also export thru our parent company in Venezuela, WAS C.A. From the United States, fishing and boating supplies to repair and reinforce our fishing fleet in Venezuela. among other fleets boating supply in the Caribbean, products like industrial fishing hooks, cables for the fishing nets, GPS, antennas, satellite phones, and hand microphones for boats, as well as other supplies necessary to keep up a fishing fleet.

Our Services

We are involved in the wholesale of fresh frozen products and import/export of equipment for maritime activities.

Our Vision

To provide the best experience, to be the first supplier our costumer calls and maintain excellent service.